Themo Support Policy! 

Please read Support Policy before post ticket! 

We will make every effort to make your work easy and pleasant. We will try to answer all your questions , even requests which require only a couple lines of code changing, but you must understand that we provide our support mainly for technical matters - unique functions and features beyond WordPress. We do not provide support for functions of WordPress and third-party plugins. 

We also do not provide support for general theme customization, which means modifying appearance or functionalities of the theme beyond what the theme options provide but you find most of answers about theme customization in our online documentation.

Themo online documentation covers installation, import, use and even customization tips which should be enough to get started. Please read documentation carefully, think about the problem and try to find solution by yourself  before you submit a ticket. It will help to avoid the unnecessary queues and let us to provide efficient support for all Themo users.

We will collect and proceed your requests from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm (GMT+1) in the order they were received. If you open a ticket within these hours it will be respond within 24-48h but in some difficult and complicated cases in may take longer.

For efficient and effective responding your query should contain appropriate information:

  • Your problem or question described precisely, screenhots are very welcome
  • Your WordPress, theme and browser versions
  • Link to your site, it is much easier to solve the problem when we can see it
  • In some cases we may ask you for login details. !!! For your safety, we recommend you to change WordPress and FTP login details before you send them to us and those details back when the ticket will be closed